Plessa Skirm #3

On 25th May 2019 we opened the Plessa gates again for 120 players to enjoy shooting some BBs in the sun.

This time we featured two bombs and started playing Search & Destroy for the first 3 hours of the event. Each Team got a bomb to protect and in the same time set the bomb of the other team up and todo so hold it 15 minutes for its explosion. It looked like we picked the spots to hard to defend and to take. Not a single team was able to take each others bomb. Team red managed to hold the bomb of team yellow for 28 seconds. Basically this was also the end timer so we could say team red won the first game mode. 

Second game mode we played flip the stone again with 4 stones which team red won aswell by flipping all 4 stons to red shortly before the game ended. That was the day for us.

We added some nice new props this game such as Mines filled with water and signs to mark mine fields. Flip the Stone was played again with the option to destroy buildings (L-Haus was destroyed during the round). We had free water in all spawns and also had a lunchbreak again with housemade solianka and sausages which were kindly accepted. WSD sold nice food again and we also started a BBQ after the game ended.

We had no photograph ourself on spot this event 🙁 but you find some pictures on the website from the fine people of GWC-Leipzig here:

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